It has taken me a few days to get around to writing this, it has been a bit hectic these last few days with the journey back from Australia, less than 24hrs in London and I was in France, driving down to Switzerland and finally arriving in Italy 2.5 days later!

I have spent the last few days with Dominic and re-adjusting to married life, which was a bit of a shock after 6 months of doing my own thing. Also have been catching up with the In-Laws. The town and villa we are in is beautiful, I feel very rested and tanked up with espresso, bread and cheese (and amazingly thin pizza).

This is going to be my last post on this blog. I have really enjoyed doing it and I am really glad I did it. I have had 1,550 views on here since it began on February 13, with my busiest day being February 16 with 61 hits, the day I got to Australia. Thank you to everyone who read my blog and followed my weekly in’s and out’s as a temporary Oz, I hope it provided you with a snapshot of my time there.

I am so pleased I did this placement and remained so adamant to carry it out in Melbourne. I have had the most amazing time whilst being there, I have met some truly great people, as well as a confirmation that my future career as a designer is the correct one. HASSELL were amazing, they never treated me as a student, but always as a designer. The knowledge and experience I have gained is invaluable. I cannot wait to put this in to practice in my final year at University. It has truly been a fantastic work experience as well as a life experience, at times it was extremely difficult being on the other side of the world at times, however I would not change it for anything!

Thanks for following me everybody, I gotta go now as the glorious sun and pool are calling me! See you back in the United Kingdom..


Woo. Those three flights were a bit tough going! They first and third were quiet though, so could spread out and snooze. Only just made my final transfer in Dubai as the flight in was late.

Back in London now, slept quite well, though was up at 3:30am for an hour but managed to nod off again.

In the campervan, all furled up, fooded up and now on route to the Chunnel.


I am through check in and in the departures lounge. My checked in luggage hit bang on 30kg! Phew.. Whilst a family next to me had to unpack and loose stuff as they were around 40kg over, think thy had a body in there!

Feel quite sad leaving Melbourne and Australia behind now. It’s been an emotional day saying bye to old and new friends, leaving behind an awesome job and beautiful city.

As my passport now says, I have officially departed!


I’ve done this in the wrong order with my last post, but hey ho, I am emotional.

Had a final lunch with my team at Misschu’s today, was bloody amazeballs! The food tasted so nice and a great atmosphere with great music. Was a great final lunch with the team, with rice paper rolls, spring rolls and vermicelli salad. Delicious!

Can’t believe I have been stood outside this restaurant every-night for the past 6 months waiting for the bus and never went in!


Can’t believe I have left HASSELL for the last time and now leaving the city! I don’t feel like I am leaving, it’s like I will be back in the morning for coffee at Momma’s Boy before work with my friends.

Was quite emotional saying bye to all the friends I have made whilst being here. All of a sudden 6 months feels like no time at all, like it has all happened in a flash.

I’m glad to be leaving on such a high, had the experience of a lifetime. I have been so lucky to have fell in with such a great and successful company. They have given me so much and really allowed me to prove myself.


Well I have reached my final day here in Australia, spent my last night at my good friends house (Jeez they have been like saints having me these last six months!). Just waiting at the bus stop for my last trip to work, will be weird to clear my desk later today.

I am looking for to lunch with my team mates today at Misschu’s, rice paper rolls and dumplings will be a plenty! Not looking forward to the 3 flights that begin from tonight, I am hopping to be asleep for the first 2, then awake for the last in to London, which will help me re kickstart my UK body-clock!

Can’t believe I am a day away from seeing Dom! WOOP WOOP! Xx

Oh yes they did!

The interiors department at work have just thrown a farewell afternoon tea for me here in the studio. They made a couple of (tear jerking for me) speeches, thanking me and wishing me all the best.

I tried to make a speech but struggled to talk, especially after they presented me with a leaving card and present, only a bloody flaming Eames House Bird!!!

How amazing is that! I’ve always wanted one, it’s extremely thoughtful and too kind of HASSELL and the team to get it me, it will always remind me of my team here, it’s been amazing!

Thanks HASSELL. x20110725-042850.jpg


Spent all-day yesterday with my friend Zhen in and around the city exploring State of Design events. We started of by going to the amazing Seven Seeds Cafe, something which I have been interested in seeing for around a year! Was great to go and see it and it was just as great as I imagined it to be!

Then when to a design exhibition near the Melbourne Museum. Some really cool gadgets and sexy furniture. Flowed by dinner on the Yarra River and lots and lots of walking around the city.

Spent and hour or so in a book store, just chilling to the music, flicking through the great books.

Finally ended up on Gertrude Street for a few drinks followed by a projection show. Several buildings down the street had projectors set up to show images and videos on the opposite buildings. Some really cool stuff!









Had my last Friday here in Melbourne. Was a good one. Went to the Graves for lunch and ate it at Federation Square. The Graves is a great place, lane ways with dozens of cafes and food places all crammed in one next to the other, heaving with people at lunchtime.

Had my end of placement review that went really well. I feel that those 15 minutes validated the whole of the last three years, leaving work, returning to uni and that I was right to train as a designer and that these last 6 months being away from Dom and coming to Oz was the right thing to do!

Ended the evening with a group of friends from work, started of with cocktails on a roof top bar, followed by pizza at a cool restaurant in the city, then onto a nightclub for further dancing, drinking and cavorting! A great last Friday!




Well I am now well and truly on the countdown now! I only have 4 days left here at HASSELL! Can’t believe it, not because it’s gone so quick, but because I have loads to do before I leave! Yikes…